All of our winter equipment is diligently maintained to insure reliable performance so that we do not disappoint our customers.

We have an in-house mechanic and perform most of our repairs ourselves so that we can minimize any delay in meeting customer needs.

You can read about some of our equipment further down and you can see our slide show of some of our winter equipment. WE ALSO PROVIDE ADDITIONAL MODERN SNOW EQUIPMENT IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN LARGE FACILITIES.

NEW EQUIPMENT THIS YEAR - Our Ingersoll Rand WL 440 equipped with an Avalanche, Trip Edge snow box. Modern, state-of-the-art SERIOUS ICEFIGHTER!! Also new to our truck fleet is a Chevrolet 2500 HD diesel pickup with a heavy duty Blizzard Plow.

Ingersoll Rand WL 440 wheel loader 

Our Chevrolet 2500 series 4x4 pickup is an excellent truck for lots requiring cleanup between vehicles and obstructions. We have outfitted our 2500 trucks with 8 foot MEYERS PLOWS. These trucks are used daily for customer property spot checks to provide quick service. We also outfit with Fisher plows.

Another storm warrior in our stable is the Chevrolet 3500 series 4x4 "dually" dump truck. We outfit these trucks with Fisher 8.5 foot plows that can handle any size job. We custom fit our 3500 trucks with 2.5 cubic yard BUYERS SALT SPREADERS when conditions warrant.

Our workhorse of the fleet is our custom built Chevrolet C-4500 dump flat bet truck. Our photo shows it outfitted with an awesome BLIZZARD 8'6" - 11' (expandable) hydraulic wing plow. Salt spreading duties are provided by its ICE-O-WAY 4 cubic yard salt spreader. Sub-zero effective liquid deicers are applied from this trucks 200 gallon application system.

Finally, when the snows of a major nor'easter pile up we break out our CASE loader to pile or move obstructive, hard packed snow.

Winter services are our business, not our NEW HOBBY! Far be it from us to make disparaging remarks about our competition but if you want to see for yourself what we have found under some of the snow we move after every storm TAKE A LOOK.


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